Below are the some features of our laboratory.

Q.1 What is the belief of lab.?
" You must not copy from others, be Original " Dr. Fuji said, "You look RIGHT when others look LEFT." Although, we are careful not to be self-righteous; we are watching the fashion.
Q.2 How about Facilities?
Please check "Equipment".
Q.3 Day job & Club.
We recommend to do day job or club activities 1 or 2 a week because of improvement of communication ability and health.
Q.4 Holiday.
You have holiday on Saturday & Sunday.
Q.5 When is the Start time?
 From 9:30, but, you can controll your self due to the shedule of your experiments.
Q.6 Meeting, seminar
We have 1 meeting a week, 1 seminar a week.
Selected person introduce an article of journal in the seminar.
Q.7 Party
Check the content "event-Event"
Q.8 What kind of SUBJECT do I need?
Electromagnetics, Solid state physics, quantum mechanics, mathematics, information tech. and !ENGLISH!, etc.
However, you just study hard when you need the skill.
Q.9 How do I decide the experimental theme?
First, everyone turn in the desired theme. Next we discuss with teachers.
Q.10 I am a event in advanced course of National College of Technology. Could I transfer to Toyohashi Univ.
 Of course, welcome. In 2008, a transfered event got Master degree in this lab.
Q.11 Symposium, conference
We went abroad when we get some important results from any experiments. In 2008, all M2 event went symposium at least one time.
Q.13 Communication with other Univ.
 A lot of times. In Japan, we strongly connect with Tohoku Univ. & Tokyo Inst. Tech. In foreign countries, we communicate with stanford Univ., Michigan Inst. Tech., and Gyeongsang National Univ.
Q.14 Skill
 Skill to study, of course; communication ability is also important.
Q.15 Do you have different theme from "Magnetics" or "Optics"?
Although we have, there are a few ones. Please contact to Dr. Inoue directly, if you would like to transfer to our lab.
Q.16 I am a event in Info. Tech. Could I enter the Lab?
 Of course! We have a lot of theoretical theme to the optics or magnetics. Dr. Inoue is also in Info. Tech. course when he is a bachlor event.
Q.17 Woman event
Just now, No one. In 2008, one woman got Master degree and graduated from our Lab.
Q.18 Foreigner
In 2008, 1 Korean event and Russian, Malaysian, Korean teacher or reseacher are belong to our Lab.
Q.19 Coaching & contact of teacher.
We can contact teachers directly and using mails. They certainly reply until next day.

Master event of the Year (MSY)

 Conservatively, we choose one Master event as "Master event of the Year"
Criteria for selection are
 (1) the one MUST be a Master event belongs Laboratory of Advanced Spin Electronics Research,
 (2) the one MUST be doing steady and powerful research,
 (3) and the one MUST make great contribution for management of Laboratory.
 The MSY is announced in the year-end-trip.
successive award winner is below

Year Name, Picture Comment
2007 Shintaro Hinata
Japanese version only
2006 Daisuke Ishida
Japanese version only
2005 Tatsuro Okada
Japanese version only
2004 Kyohe Aimuta
Japanese version only
2003 Hiroyuki Takagi
Japanese version only
2002 Yu Kishida
Japanese version only
2002 Takashi Yoshida
Japanese version only
2001 Kazuma Takahashi
Japanese version only
2000 Masaaki Kumagai
Japanese version only
1999 Shinya Yamauchi
Japanese version only