1 dimensional Magnetophotonic Crystal (1D MPC)

 Photonic crystals (PCs), structures with periodically modulated dielectric properties, have several properties. PCs can  In particular, photonic crystals consisting magnetic material are called Magnetophotonic Crystals (MPCs). The most famous structure of MPCs is the defect layer composed of magnetic material is sandwiched between two dielectric multilayers. Figure 1. is shown as a cross-sectional SEM (Scaning Electron Microscope) image. Such a MPC generates the localized mode inside the photonic band gap and result in  Experimentally, we fabricated the MPCs and evaluated the MO effects and Optical properties. As a result of measurement, high transmissivity and a significant enhancement of MO was observed (Fig. 2). This was the first experimental data of MPCs.
Fig.1 Cross-sectional SEM image of 1D MPC. These thicknesses of layers are almost 100 nm.
Fig.2 Transmissivity and MO property of 1D MPC. One can see high transmissivity and the enhancement of MO effect.