2 dimensional Magnetophotonic Crystal (1D MPC)

 The photonic crystals (PC) which has periodidicty in two axis are called 2 dimensional Photonic Crystals (2D PCs). 2D PC can confine the light for a certain pediod of time; and applied to the optical waveguide that can controll the direction of the propagation. It is predicted that optical waveguide can control the direction of travel of light in a few micrometer. Hence, 2D PCs must be play a large role in the development of micro optical circuit.
 The 2D PC consisting magnetic material, that is named Magnetophotonic crystals (2D MPCs) could be possible to make Just now, we are trying to fabricate 2D MPCs using electron beam lithography (Fig. 2).
Fig.1 Top view of nanometer columns fabricated by electro beam lithography.