MOSLM(Magneto-optic spatial light modulator)

Recently, the SLMs have received much attention as light modulators for the holographic data storage, which requires fast SLMs for providing the high data transfer rate. This requirement could be fulfilled using the magneto optic SLM (MOSLM). Advantages of MOSLM,
  1. High-speed
  2. Solid device
  3. Nonvolatilty

Fig. 1 Image of the MOSLM(left image) Magnetic garnet pixilated MOSLM (right image)

Current-driven MOSLM (i-MOSLM)
The i-MOSLM is driven by inductive loop with magnetization inversion of pixilated garnet. To switch a incident light with the pixel, the X and Y conductors of the i-MOSLM provide a located, concentrated magnetic field at the point where the conductors cross for reversing the magnetic field at the magnetization of the pixel. 

Fig. 2 Image of inversion of pixel.

Voltage-driven MOSLM (v-MOSLM)
The v-MOSLM use inverse magnetostriction effect of Magnetic material. In the v-MOSLM, Lead Zirconium Titanate (PZT) film gives a stress to a magnetic garnet layer because of piezoelectric effect. As this causes magnetstriction effect, a coercivity of layer is reduced.

Fig. 3 Image of drive principle of v-MOSLM