MSHG (Magnetization-induced Second Harmonic Generation)

The magnetization-induced nonlinear optical effects in magnetic nanostructures are studied. There are two aspects of nonlinear magneto-optics of nanostructures. The first is the fact that the enhancement of the resonant second harmonic generation (SHG) intensity and the nonlinear magneto-optical Kerr effect is obtained in the spectral range of light localized mode with one-dimensional magneto photonic crystals. And the strong magnetization-induced variations in second harmonic intensity and polarization plane rotation are observed.
Fig. 1 Spectra of second harmonic reflected from the 1D-MPC for p-in, p-out (open circles) and s-in , p-out (solid circles) polarization combinations for angle of incidence of 30°.
Fig. 2 SH polarization diagrams measured for s-polarized fundamental radiation for two opposite directions of magnetic field applied in longitudinal geometry of nonlinear magneto-optical Kerr effect.