2D periodical structure

Surface plasmon (SP) is a collective wave of electrons, which is induced by coupling between light and electron wave on material surfaces. So far, theoretical and experimental studies for enhancement of magneto-optical effect associated with the SP were reported. We investigated experimentally two-dimensional Ni gratings(Fig. 1) that correspond to a magneto-photonic structure.

Fig. 1 Nickel-based 2D magnetophotonic structure.
 The absorption band associated with SPP resonances was enhanced and their spectral position was shifted to the long-wavelength range as the angle of incidence increased(Fig. 2). his manifests the contribution of plasmonic excitations to the observed enhancement of the MO response via effective light coupling to the considered magnetic nanostructure(Fig. 3).
Fig. 2 Reflection spectra depended on different incident light angles.
Fig. 3 Reflection and Longitudinal Kerr rotation spectra.